Friday, 10 January 2014

My High End Lipstick Collection

Left to right: MAC Bricola, Hue, Ladybug, Chanel Rivoli, MAC Plumful, NARS Dolce Vita, MAC Syrup

I thought i'd share with you my 'high end' lipstick collection, although it's not a crazy amount (I do have a lot of 'drugstore' lipsticks) I think they're all shades I would wear most days and get a lot of use out of every one. If you were on more of a budget the Rimmel Kate Moss collection lipsticks are just as good (I have five) and have some really nice reds.
The majority of my MAC lipsticks are Lustre finish as it's more of my preferred finish of lipstick (moisturising and a bit more sheer and shiny) I think they are really nice for a little bit of colour to the lips but not too bold - which makes them perfect for daily wear. The shade Bricola is an amplified finish which is a bit more on the bolder side but still really creamy, I like this shade for when I do want to be a bit more crazy on the lips for a change, with a bricky-shade that would go perfectly with a gold-warm brown smokey eye look. 
I only own one Chanel lipstick cause they're so damn expensive that it's not often that I buy one. Although it was more expensive than my MAC lipsticks I wouldn't say it is any better, infact I actually prefer my MAC lipstick formulations to the Chanel one. Don't get me wrong, I love the shade of the Chanel lipstick and it is very creamy and not drying at all, it's just not the easiest to apply and tends to build up a bit round the edges of the lips (which is where I tend to use a lip brush). I do use it a lot and it's the perfect burgundy red, I just wish the formulation was a tad better.
I've only recently bought the NARS lipstick in the shade 'Dolce Vita' and I must say, it's love! It is the perfect 'my lips but better' shade but with a hint of sheen to it, perfect for every day or if I go a bit more dramatic on the eye makeup as it just adds a hint of something to stop me looking so washed out. I also own the NARS blush in the same shade so they match really nicely together as well.

Do you own any 'higher end' lipsticks? What's your thoughts on MAC lipsticks?

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