Sunday, 9 September 2012

charity shopping in tonbridge

The other day I had my university enrollment, so I had to travel all the way to Tonbridge which was okay as Holly went with me. Going back to see the university/college made me remember how much I loved it when I went there for the interview in December last year, it's very modern and has it's own costa coffee which is nice (and it's also very cheap). Enrollment took a few hours of signing papers and getting my grades checked over and then eventually getting my horrible student ID card printed. 
I was finished by lunch time, so me and Holly strolled down into the highstreet and took a look at all the charity shops they had (there's one really cheap one which is lovely) and then we met up with Elliott for lunch and ended up going home at about half 2.

I only bought two items while i was in Tonbridge, but i both love them so much and they'll be great for autumn or any other season as they're both very versatile.

1. Small satchel bag - £2
2. Mauve cardigan - £1.50

Both beautiful items, that could be added to both casual and more formal outfits. I think the satchel would go perfectly with a high waisted pastel pink pleated skirt and a plain blouse with flat brogues and maybe even pair the cardigan with the outfit as well. 


  1. LOve the purchases. So funny i have heard so much about tonbridge random! Buttt anyway that is useless your blog :)



    1. aww thankyou! :) haha yeah it's a really nice place! x