Sunday, 27 January 2013

Real Techniques makeup brushes review

So i thought i'd finally do a review on these makeup brushes after having them for way over half a year! Firstly i absolutely love them, the quality of the brushes and how soft they are is crazy considering the price for each set is about £21, a lot cheaper than other brushes such as MAC and Sigma. However you can get other brushes separately such as a stippling, powder, blush and various other brushes available (I kinda have my eye on the stippling and the blush brush as my next RT purchase!).

1. The first brush i'd like to review is the buffing brush, which i think is perfect for foundation/tinted moisturizer etc. as it just effortlessly blends it into the skin giving it a really 'airbrushed' finish to the skin, making it look naturally flawless. I have also used it for blending out concealer (also great) and applying blush to my cheeks, which also works really well. A general all round face brush which is brilliant!

2. Another brush i've been loving from the Real Techniques Core Collection set is the contour brush, which is great for funnily enough contouring! It really fits in well to the hollows of my cheek bones and applys the contour shade i use delicately with also a really natural finish, it really works wonders! I have also used it for powdering as it also fits perfectly under my eyes and around my t-zone, so i can apply powder to set my concealer underneath my eyes to increase wear time. As it's not a huge brush it's also great for blush, so that you can concentrate it on a certain area of the cheek, i like to apply mine on the high point of my cheek rather than on the apples of my cheeks.

3. A brush that i'm not really fused with or really use is the foundation brush, just because i use my buffing brush for foundation instead, so i haven't really got much use out of it. However when i have used it a few times before it has given a really nice finish to the skin. Recently when I've used it I've found it's good for applying liquid highlighter on the cheekbones to really lift the face, as it applys a nice amount on the skin.

4. Finally the last brush from the 'core collection' is the detail brush which apparently you're meant to use it for blending or applying concealer, but personally i prefer using it as a lip brush for when i'm wearing dark shades of lipstick, as it really is the perfect size to be used as a lip brush.

5. The next brush that i've also been loving from the other collection known as the Real Techniques Starter Kit is the crease brush which is meant to be used as a eye shadow brush for contouring the crease/socket of your eye. When i first purchased this kit i tried it as a eye crease brush and i just found it was too big to be used as a crease brush, especially when compared to my E.L.F crease brush which is a lot smaller. After doing some research i found that it was best used to blend and apply concealer under the eye to reduce dark circles, and it REALLY works so much better used that way rather than an eyeshadow crease brush.

6. A brush from the starter kit that i've kinda found a bit useless has been the liner brush it's just way too big to get a decent line from it! I've tried it out with my Maybelline gel eye liner and it's okay, but it just creates a too thick line!

7. A brush that i use time to time, but not every day has been the accent brush which i find is great for highlighting the inner corner of my eye and also the brow bone. A very simple and easy to use brush that is small enough for it's uses!

8. Finally the base shadow brush is pretty self explanatory, i use to apply my eyeshadows basically, it applys the shadow very well and softly with minimal fallout of eyeshadow. Afterwards i do go back in with an E.L.F crease brush to deepen the eyeshadows though.

9. The last brush, which i've been loving to fill in my eyebrows with is the angled brush it is fairly thick for an angled brush especially compared to a Louise Young angled brush, but i kinda like the thickness of the bristles. It's also fairly good as a eye liner brush, but i mainly use it to fill in my brows.

Have you ever tried the Real Techniques brushes?


  1. these are TWO awesome sets from Real Techniques.. the value is amazing especially for the quality and price.. I own almost all of their brushes and I love them all! ;] great review!

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    1. yeah i agree! :) they're absolutely amazing! the next ones i'd like to buy is the stippling brush and the blush brush :)