Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Real Techniques: Limited Edition Review

Real Techniques // Limited Edition Set 

I've been wanting to buy this set ever since they were released a few months back but just never got round to buying them for some reason, but now I have yay!
The set comes with a duo-fiber face brush, a contour brush and eye brush, which makes it a nice 'all round' set.
The face brush is pretty nice, very soft but the bristles aren't very dense which means the brush picks up less product which is good for all over powdering after foundation. I've tried it for bronzer as well and it's nice for a light dusting around the temples and sides of the face to give your complexion a subtle warmth. I wouldn't say it'd be good for foundation, if you want a good foundation brush i'd go for the buffing brush or the expert face brush as they're a lot better for foundation application!
The contour brush is very nice, again with less dense bristles so for a more lighter application, it's also the perfect size for a contour brush and fits in the hollows of the cheeks perfectly. I've also tried using it for blush but it's a bit too small for that, so I prefer using the blush brush for blush application, although it's very nice for applying highlighter to the cheek bones!
Lastly, the eye brush, I was wondering when Real Techniques would come out with a brush similar to the MAC 217 or the Sigma E25 and now they have! I have the MAC 217 and in comparison I have to say that the Real Techniques brush is no where near as good as the 217, but it's still a nice brush for blending out eyeshadow and applying darker shades into the crease, also if you're a beginner to makeup brushes and you don't want to spend £17 on the 217 then this set is for you! 

Overall a really nice set! I think i'll use the face brush and contour brush the most as I mainly use the RT base shadow brush, the MAC 217 and the Sigma E45 brush to do my eye makeup, but i'm sure i'll get use out of the eye brush somehow! They are nice additions to my makeup brush collection!

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