Sunday, 2 June 2013

Skincare: Night Routine

Cleansing: Firstly I like to take off my makeup using the Simple facial wash first and then following up with the toner afterwards to take off any excess makeup or dirt. I love the Simple line as it doesn't break me out and feels really refreshing on the skin.

Exfoliating: I usually exfoliate the skin every other day as doing it every day can be a bit harsh on my skin, so for the days i do use a scrub i'll either use the St.Ives Apricot Scrub or the Sanctuary Smoothing Silk Scrub. Both are really great and exfoliate the skin really nicely, making it nice and soft afterwards!

Night Cream/Moisturiser: To hydrate my skin and give a bit of moisture and life back into my skin after washing and scrubbing at it (my skin usually looks fairly red at this point) I use the Olay Essentials Complete Care Night Cream which really soothes the skin and makes it really soft, this will last until the morning making foundation application stress free, yippey!

The Morning After: In the morning i don't tend to use as many products before applying makeup, sometimes i'll use the Simple Facial Wash again if i've worked out in the morning and then I'll follow it up with the Simple hydrating light moisturiser to keep the skin smooth and acting as a sort of base before i apply foundation.


  1. Nice article, All these products are for anti-aging? Are they have any side effect?

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    1. None of the products i mentioned are anti-aging as they're all just average cleansers/scrubs/moisturisers. They're all great products though and i haven't seen any side effects from using any of them :)