Saturday, 20 April 2013

my recent weeks in photos // update

clyde sulking after Elliott's mum went out // double rainbow // A LOT of photography work // simple outfit // recent shot from a shoot // sims 3 yay! // Russell & Bromley loafers that i got re-heeled // Jack the dog // my workout progress yay for abs forming! //

Sorry for not posting much recently! I've been very busy with my photography degree as i have end of year deadlines coming up in the next few weeks so i've been doing a lot of reading and research over the past few weeks for all of my assignments, but i'm almost done yay!
I also haven't really bought anything recently, no new clothes, no new makeup either, so that's probably another reason why i haven't done any posts recently. But i am going holiday shopping next weekend, so they'll definitely be posts about the items i buy coming soon. 

How long have you got till you finish school/college/uni?? 

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