Monday, 29 April 2013

a little spring/summer clothing/beauty haul! (H&M, Topshop, MAC)

weaved sandals - Topshop // chunky peep toe heels - H&M // suede flip flops - H&M // knitted vest - H&M // patterned 'ombre' trousers - H&M // MAC 217 brush - Revlon BB cream - Collection liquid eyeliner pen - Barry M gelly nail paint in 'Lychee' // 

Yesterday i finally went summer shopping (for holiday as well) and i kind of didn't go as overboard as i thought i would, but i bought a few things that i had been wanting for a while anyway. 
Firstly i purchased the Topshop sandals which i think will be so perfect for summer and for when i go on holiday, they can pretty much be paired with anything and it'll look great! I'm thinking they'll look good with rolled up jeans and a slouchy top for the last few weeks i have left at uni!
I also bought my evening shoes that i'll be wearing a lot on holiday, i was originally planning on getting some shoes from New Look but when i got there they didn't have any in my size! So i ran back to H&M and found these beauty's! I can imagine they'll go great with the two clothing items i bought, to dress up a semi-casual outfit. The heel is quite chunky so they're easier to walk in than you think especially with the added support of the platform as well, and the ankle strap supports my foot very nicely so hopefully i won't have any trip ups!
I managed to find some comfy looking flipflops, as planned from H&M, my previous material flipflops were also from H&M and they lasted me about 4 years so i'm hoping these will last me just as long.
I didn't really buy much in the way of clothing, as i already have A LOT of clothes that'll be suitable for spring/summer and also on holiday. I'm talking about the 7 pairs of shorts hidden in a drawer and the billions of t-shirts i already have stuffed in my wardrobe. So i only resorted in buying this cute almost 'knitted' style vest top that'll be great for casual days with shorts and sandals, or dressed up with a skirt and heels. And the smart looking light weight trousers that'll match well with the top, but can be dressed down with sandals and a baggy t-shirt. I think the 'ombre' edging is kind of surprising and give the trousers an interesting twist.

Lastly i bought a few makeup items, a BB cream to protect my face from the sun when i'm on holiday (which i'd reapply throughout the day) and with the added 'concealing' element adds a bit of coverage to my not so perfect skin! I also finally bought the MAC 217 brush which i've been wanting for absolutely ages, it's a really great brush for anything to do with eyeshadow: application, blending, crease etc. And i can't wait to start using it! I also wanted to try out the 'Gelly' nail polishes by Barry M and i thought this colour was a nice take on the 'nude shade' and it can pretty much match with anything which will be great for spring/summer when i'm feeling lazy. I wanted to finally try one of those felt tip liners as well, and i saw Collection had one that was only £2.99 so i thought that would be a good buy incase it turns out that i don't like it!
I also re-purchased Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer (as mine has almost run out) and Maybelline the Falsies Flared mascara to save in case it runs out before holiday!

Have you been doing any spring/summer shopping recently?


  1. That Barry M nail varnish is PERFECT, good choice!! I wish you could do my shopping for me, you always find such nice things!

    1. ahh yeah it's lovely, i think it'll look great with a coral nail varnish on the ring finger for a nice bit of colour! :)
      aww thankyou very much! xxx