Friday, 12 April 2013

holiday wishlist #2

// MAC 217 brush £17 // chunky t-bar style heels - new look £20 // Maybelline BB cream £8 // cropped vests in mint & coral - H&M £1.99 ea // pineapple t-shirt - H&M £15 // Lace top - H&M £8 //

So i thought i'd do another holiday wishlist, as i'm doing my holiday shopping fairly early (in a few weeks) as me and Elliott are taking a trip, even though we live fairly near it, to Bluewater to do our summer shopping! Now as i said previously i don't want to get much, as i already have A LOT of clothes suitable for summer already e.g about 8 pairs of shorts, so i've listed off a few items that i need/want for this upcoming summer.

Firstly i've wanted to own the MAC 217 brush for absolutely ages, so i thought now was the time to buy it! It'll be the perfect little add to my daily brush collection, and i can't want to try it out with eye shadows etc.

Getting a BB cream is fairly self explanatory, it'll be hot in Tunisia so i won't really be wanting to wear heavy foundation particularly in the day, but with a BB cream it has high SPF meaning i can put it on and have some protection from the sun but also the coverage as well!

In the previous holiday wishlist i made i said that i was in look of some evening shoes, and i think these are the perfect pair, they have a chunky heel so they'll be easy and comfy to walk in and they're very 'open' so my feet won't get all hot in them, perfect!

H&M is the place to go for simple tops for the summer they're perfect for lounging around by the pool paired with some shorts, and at £1.99 each you can't really complain, i know i'll be picking up a few when i go shopping.I also saw the cute pineapple top on the H&M website and i kind of had a 'love at first site' moment with this top, i just think it's the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! I think priced at £15 is a bit steep, but i think i'll make an exception with this top.Lastly a simple black see-through lace top will be great for the holidays as a bikini cover-up, as you can just throw it on over the top of your swimsuit and be good to go for lunch after a morning by the pool, can't wait!

Have you found anything recently that'll be great for summer or vacation?

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