Friday, 5 September 2014

La Rafinée

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 'La Rafinée 

When in Paris buy Chanel! Which is what I say when i'm convincing myself that €33 for a lipstick is perfectly acceptable...right?
Firstly the packaging, as always with Chanel products, is GLORIOUS! It has this little clicky button that you press and out pops the lipstick, like it's the beautiful birth of your new lipstick baby. I've nicknamed my lipstick 'Raf' for short. 
Besides the point, this is my new favourite lip product of the moment! The formula is smooth and not drying at all, it's almost matte - but not quite as it has a slight sheen still. The colour is so pretty, almost a muted plum that's a bit more on the nude side, making it my perfect everyday shade.
The lasting power is pretty good as well, I wore it out one night in Paris and it was still on my lips after dinner! 
I love pairing it with MAC's lip liner in 'Dervish' which is a similar shade, and works well at making the lipstick last even longer. Over all i'm really impressed, considering i wasn't that fussed when it came to the other Chanel Lipstick I own, this has turned my opinion right around!

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  1. That's a gorgeous lipstick, it really suits you as it goes amazingly with your eye colour!