Monday, 1 September 2014


I recently in the past week took a little trip to Paris with my boyfriend Elliott, it was a belated birthday present from him that we booked back in June and we had both been eagerly awaiting it ever since. We went for 4 days and 3 nights, leaving very early on the Tuesday morning and late on the Friday evening, which actually worked out perfectly!
Our hotel was situated just on the outskirts of Paris and had various restaurants around it, which turned out to be perfect in the evenings as it made it easy to get back to the hotel, and to know where we were going. We mainly spent the days getting the cheap metro (I can't believe it only cost €1.70!!!) into the centre of Paris and would spend the day there walking from place to place and then we'd get the metro back in the late afternoon.
One of my favourite days was the first day we got there, we walked all the way from our hotel in Porte Dorée through Bastille (yes Bastille songs were sung numerous times) and ending up outside the Notre Dame and the 'Love Lock Bridge' where we did the little lock thing, where you throw the key in the river, which I've wanted to do for years and years. Then we wandered round the Notre Dame area and got the metro back to near our hotel and had delicious pizza for dinner!
One of the days was mostly a 'shopping day' and we spent about an hour and a half looking for Brandy Melville, and it turned out we had walked past it numerous times it just didn't have a sign outside! Typical! It did make us laugh and i'm sure it'll be a part of the trip that we'll never forget. Afterwards we walked all the way to the Arc de Triumph and found the massive Sephora, it was a beautiful moment walking into Sephora, I may have wiped away a tear (I didn't).
We looked at all the main 'tourist' places to see, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame etc. etc. but also found nice little shops too and did a spot of shopping, particularly for french skincare which is absolutely amazing for the price! It is quite a bit cheaper than in the UK, so I decided to wait for this trip to buy the skincare items I had been lusting after. Plus I just HAD to buy a Chanel lipstick whilst in Paris, right? Along with the MUFE HD Foundation which is quite hard to come by in the UK, and the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, which you can get in the UK but it was slightly cheaper in Paris. 
Overall I loved every moment of this little vacation, I can't wait for whatever the next little trip we'll take together!

..p.s a lot of croissants were consumed throughout the trip. 

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