Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Autumn Wishlist: Dr Martens, ASOS, Primark.

First of all, I can't believe I'm making an Autumn wishlist, is summer really almost over?! This year has seriously flown by, but we've all got to face the fact that it's going to be Christmas in 4 months and get prepared! And by prepared I mean buy loads of clothes.
I've been looking on the ASOS website a lot recently, particularly at the coats/jackets as I've been thinking that maybe this year i'll buy a nice, good quality coat that will last me for the whole of the Autumn/Winter season (which is very long if you live in the UK) and this blazer style coat doesn't come cheap at £75! But it's honestly the perfect coat for me, I love the fake leather sleeves which really contrast nicely alongside the speckled pattern on the main body of the coat. And the lapels, oh man I do like good lapels on a coat, it just gives it that more 'blazer' tailored look which always looks stunning on winter coats and jackets. Another thing is the fact that it's mainly black (with specks of grey) it will literally go with anything, which is something I really look for in a winter coat cause hey, I'm going to be wearing it almost every day! I think paired with a tartan scarf it will look fab for this Autumn (I keep trying not to type Fall as I watch too much American TV) and Winter season.
Next onto those shoes, I think I'm in love with these shoes, the 'chelsea boot' style is something I've tried looking for in charity shops forever but never really found anything, so I thought if I'm going to splurge on some chelsea style boots I may as well splurge on some Dr Martens! They'll pretty much go with anything as they're black etc. I think they'll go great with jeans and t-shirts but also dresses, plus the heel will really add some height as well!

Recently the new Autumn range for Primark has been released and I've been flicking through the photos on various websites and a few things stood out as 'must haves' for me, but mainly it was this beautiful tartan dress! There's not really anything negative to say about it at a first look, the type of tartan print is really nice, especially with the white collar along the high neckline and the little sleeves add to this really cute dress. I think it would match well with the chelsea boot Doc's and the ASOS winter coat very nicely and it'd just be such a nice statement looking dress for the Autumn and Winter months. Overall I can't wait for this to come out in the shops, i'll be first in line!

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