Sunday, 10 March 2013

No7 Match Made foundation & No7 makeup haul

So yesterday i went into town as i was in need of a new foundation (as my revlon one was making me look really annoyingly oily) and i've been wanting to use the no7 match made service where they find your exact skin tone with the foundation that'll match it near perfectly!

The lady at the counter basically took off the makeup that i already had on the edge of my jaw line nearest the ear on both sides of my face, then took the reading on both sides and found out that i matched closest to the shade 'Calico' which, guess what, is the lightest shade of foundation, typical!

She then got a tester of the foundation and applied it over where she had taken the makeup off to begin with, and it was a perfect match! My skintone is pale but with yellow undertones, and also oily-combination, so i opted with 'No7's Beautifully Matte Foundation' which was a great match! It is medium coverage and really blends in well with my skin tone, but looks really natural at the same time which is great for every day wear but also can be built up to full coverage for a more night time look.

No7 also had an offer on where if you buy 2 No7 makeup products you get a free gift bag worth £26 which i thought was definitely worth it, so i bought an eyebrow pencil so i can fill in my eyebrows, but of course in a natural way (aka not look like it's been filled in with a crayon). I choose to use tiny little strokes when filling my brows in with a eyebrow pencil to mimic the look of hairs, making it look a lot more natural. It also comes with a nifty brush on the other end, which kinda reminds me of the 'Anastasia Brow Wiz' eyebrow pencil.

Finally getting on with the little goodie bag, it came with a sample size of mascara which will be great for my lower lashes as the wand is made of rubber not bristles, a light metallic purple (inner corner highlight?) a beautiful lipstick which i love the colour of, great for every day wear, and a day cream which will be nice to put on before foundation. Overall a pretty great freebie if you ask me!

Look out for a foundation review in the very near future (next few days) to see what i think of the foundation!

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