Monday, 4 March 2013

my recent photography degree photos!

So i currently have 6 assignments on the go, i know it's crazy! I have: Still life assignment (due this week) Colour assignment (due in 2 weeks) Materials, Techniques and Processes (due in april) Portraiture (due may) Professional Practice (due in 3 weeks) and Digital imaging (unknown when due).
And i'm being given another assignment in 2 weeks as well! Crazy! Luckily i can handle the workload, so i find it okay, but i thought i'd show you some of the work i've been getting up to recently!

Still Life Assignment 

Studio shoot - experimenting with different lighting  and editing for an advertisement 

Lighting experiment - back lighting 

Colour Assignment 

Colour 35mm Film - scanned in and edited on Photoshop

digital shoot - outside in natural lighting 

I also used my diana f+ camera with 120 (medium format) film for this project, this was my outcome! 

I have also shot some black and white film for both my colour project and my still life, but unfortunately i haven't scanned them it yet, oops!

Portraiture Assignment 

I have only just been assigned the portraiture project last week, so this is what i have shot so far. I plan to do some studio shoots for the portraiture assignment - and experiment with applying garish makeup on boys. I also plan to experiment more with the idea below, with sleep & dreams, as self portraits but also with other people too!


  1. These are so good!! x

    1. aww thankyou so much! Means a lot! :) xx