Wednesday, 13 March 2013

some 'editorial' style shots

A few weeks ago i was assigned the portraiture assignment for my photography degree, i've shot a few shoots already but the other day i randomly had an idea for some more 'editorial' looking images that would maybe advertise the cosmetic side of fashion photography. Here were a few of the shots i took yesterday for it, but i've booked out the studio to experiment with using professional lighting etc. for later this week.

some of the images require a bit more photoshop but overall i'm very happy with them! I wanted to show the feminine aspect of beauty with the floral head band/crown (that i made myself may i add) and the glimpse of the shoulder which, to me, i think is a lovely part of the female figure which adds to the femininity of the images. I also went for fairly natural looking face makeup, but with smokey neutral eyeshadow to highlight the eyes, which is what i wanted the main feature of the images to be.

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