Monday, 1 October 2012

what's in my bag

I'm always seeing these tag videos and blog posts about 'what's in your bag' and i've always wanted to do the tag but never got around to it. This would be what i take in my university bag, rather than my slouchy bag that i take out when i'm not at uni which only fits my keys, purse, mirror and my phone in it. 

This is the bag i use for uni, it was a favourite find of mine from a charity shop i just always go back to this bag, even after buying other bags as it just fits so much in it!

Plastic folder - Wilkinsons // A5 Sketchbook // Ipod headphones // Student ID // Coin purse // Pencil case // House keys // Vintage compact mirror // Roll of film 

A4 Sketchbook // 2012 Planner // A4 Notebook // My purse // Keyhole style sunglasses // IPhone 4

So that's basically what i take to uni with me, sometimes i'll take my film camera or my dslr with me depending on what i'm doing in the lessons i have that day.


  1. Awwhhhh that bunny coin purse is so cute! :) xx

  2. You've such a gorgeous blog - love the content and the layout! :) This is a really great idea for a post!

    Really glad I've found you :)


    1. aww thankyou so much! means a lot! :) x