Monday, 22 October 2012

monki purchases

So i started work today as a 'leaflet distributor' at specsavers and it wasn't that great, i walked around for 3 hours asking if people wanted a free eye test, with a lot of people saying no and walking away. 
Anyway eventually i finished, and now that i think back on it, it wasn't really that bad!

I've basically spent today's wages already on some sale items online at Monki, which kinda makes working a bit better. These are the two items i got!

skirt - £12.50 //  blouse - £6.30

I absolutely love the pattern of the blouse, i just think it's so colourful and pretty and blue is apparently 'my colour' probably cause i have blue eyes really. But yeah it's wonderful and will be great for next spring and summer but also for layering this winter! I got it in an XS so it wouldn't be really oversized as id like it to be a bit more fitted.
I adore this jean 'skater' style skirt and for £12.50 i couldn't give it a miss!! As i've been on the lookout for a nice new skirt to vamp my wardrobe up a bit and this fits in great! I think the two items would go well together (depending on how they look in person) by belting it at the waist, wear some thick woolen tights, add a thick black cardigan to dumb the colours down a bit and bring it all together with my beautiful 'chelsea' style boots that i found in a charity shop last weekend!
I'll be sure to post an OOTD including these two items (or separately) once they arrive in the post!

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