Friday, 26 October 2012

revlon nail varnish

So i bought this revlon nail varnish off of ebay last week for £3.50 which is a lot cheaper as i think they're around £6.50 in shops. I initially wanted to buy it as i was in deep need of a new polish that would be suitable for the winter time, as the other few nail varnishes i have are more summery and spring time colours. I also thought the dark red would look great with my pale skin, which it does!

It's a great colour but i found that it did chip a bit after wearing it for a day or two, even with two coats of it. But i don't mind reapplying a bit of nail varnish to the top of my nails every few days, so it doesn't matter so much to me. Overall i am very happy with it and shall be wearing it a lot over this winter season!


  1. Love this colour.
    Very AW'12