Wednesday, 20 March 2013

holiday wishlist #1

So i plan on making these 'holiday wishlists' as i am jetting off to Tunisia in July with my family, Elliott and some family friends (always the best holidays may i add) and i am thoroughly looking forward to lying in the sun reading some books on my kindle and eating A LOT of pancakes and pizza, as well as the needed pina colada or two in the evenings!
Now i have a lot of clothes already, especially ones that are suitable for the summer, so i don't think i'll be needing much when it comes to that lovely shopping trip to Bluewater with Elliott once we've finished Uni in May. I have so many pairs of shorts that i could have one pair for every day of the week! On top of that i own many many vests, t-shirts, and dresses galore for both day and night (some bought in the new year sales). So i've decided to limit myself with summer clothes this year, being a student and all!

//black suede peep toe heels - H&M// brown closed toe sandals - topshop// black suede flip flops - H&M// white gladiator sandals with silver detail - topshop // black sandals with ankle strap - H&M// brown woven sandals - topshop// 

So firstly the two things i am in desperate need of this summer/spring are some new sandals and a new bikini. I've recently been eyeing up the Topshop website at the beautiful sandals they have to offer, some are a bit more pricey than others, for instance the white gladiator are £50 but the woven sandals are £24, which i think are the ones i'm more edging towards buying when i do my summer shopping after i've finished uni in May!
I've also been on the look out for some cheap flip flops as my dearly departed material flip flops broke last year after lasting for about 4 years (they were from h&m) so i had a browse on the h&m website as well to see if they had any new flip flops on offer and they did!! In a much nicer material, suede, they'll be soft and comfy to walk around in (as the rubber flip flops give me terrible blisters) and a cheap £4 they're a complete bargain!
Lastly the final pair of shoes i need to get for the summer time are some evening shoes, every year when we go away on holiday we always dress up in the evenings, and i normally like to add a few inches to my height by wearing heels or wedges. Again, i have a pair of wedges that are looking a bit worse for wear now, and i wore them every night on a holiday to Greece almost 2 years ago and also wore them last year on holiday as well, so they've pretty much lasted a long time as well! I fell in love with the black suede peep toe heels on the h&m website but the size of the heel is slightly scary! I'll definitely have to try before i buy when it comes to those shoes! I also found another pair with a slightly lower heel that are equally as nice but also at a tad cheaper price at £25 rather than £30. I'm hoping they come out with a few more pairs of shoes in their range as i'd like a comfortable pair for my holiday, but also a pair that look nice!

// purple printed high waist bikini - topshop // pinky-peach balconette style bikini - h&m // black cut out high waist bikini - topshop //

I've also been looking at bikinis, as i do have a lovely floral print high waisted bikini that Elliott bought me from Urban Outfitters almost 2 years ago, so i've worn it for 2 summers now! I love it so much though so of course i'll still wear it this year, but i have been looking to buy another bikini to wear along side the other one whilst i'm away.
I loved the print and material for the printed high waisted bikini from topshop, unfortunately i'm not in love with the top half as my other bikini has a similar top, and i'm looking for a bikini more with a balconnete top, due to my unfortunate very flat chest! So this ones a maybe at the moment, who knows!
The next one i looked at was a lovely peachy shade bikini with a beautiful bikini top! I love it! I wish the bottoms were a bit of something more, maybe a bit of a higher waist line but overall i am very happy with this one, and especially at £13 for the top and £8 for the bottoms you can't really go wrong! Especially as i don't really want to be spending £35 odd on a bikini, when i could buy something else with a bikini, etc.
Lastly i had a look at the black cut out bikini from topshop, this one is absolutely almost perfect, it's just the colour that's a bit of a let down as black will make me look even paler due to my ghost-like complexion. I love the top and bottoms though, they've exactly what i'm looking for! Unfortunately i wasn't looking for black though, but i've got a few months before i go summer shopping so hopefully i shall end up finding the perfect swim suit for me!

Have you found anything you want for the summer yet? Or is it too early?


  1. Loving the H&M heels, so simple yet so chic! xoxo

    1. yeah they look lovely! I can't imagine what they'd be like to walk in though haha :') xx