Sunday, 4 November 2012

charity shop purchases (again!)

I seem to go in a lot more charity shops now that i'm living in Kent, cause they're pretty much everywhere, and there are some great ones in the area where i work, so i'll always pop in a few after my shifts. My favourite has got to be this discounted charity shop where all the clothing items are a £1!! 
I found a few great items at the discounted shop that will be perfect for the winter, so they'll keep me warm in the colder climate.

// Long baggy patterned jumper // I think this would be great paired with a shirt underneath with thick wool tights and shorts, with the jumper tucked into the shorts at the front to create a sort of 'asymmetrical' look and so it doesn't look so boxy and frumpy! Pair that with a thin gold chain necklace, a brown leather belt and some chelsea style boots, and i'll look ready for winter! 

// Pink/Faded red shirt // Another staple shirt! I just can't get enough of buying shirts and blouses all the time, cause i just wear them so much in the autumn and winter. I think this is a great shirt that will be great layered under jumpers and cardigans, and could also transition well into spring next year.

// Burgundy patterned jumper // Again, this is similar to the other jumper i bought, but i just love the colour of it and the block pattern really works well! Pair this with some skinny jeans, again a shirt or blouse underneath with maybe a bit of collar detail (studded etc.), a chunky chain necklace and some platform creepers, and it'll look perfect! You could also wear both this jumper and the other jumper by itself with some thick tights or leggings and wear it as a sort of 'jumper dress' as they're both long enough.

// Checkered scarf // Finally i bought this checkered scarf which i think is the perfect accesory to any outfit this autumn and winter, it will snazz up any 'boring' plain outfit and really pull it altogether! (It also matches the lining of one of my coats which is another plus!)

Total Spend: £4


  1. £1 each that's really good! Charity shops can be so pricey nowadays. You got some lovely things xx

    1. Yeah it's an absolute bargain! :) i get what you mean, when i was living in Brighton some of the charity shops were pretty pricey with shirts costing £4! Even though technically it's just some clothes that someone didn't want anymore :')
      but hey-ho it all goes to charity anyway :)