Sunday, 3 February 2013

Photography degree (update)

Dark Room & Colour Darkroom
Previously, in my recent assignments but also when i studied a-level photography i have studied black & white film/ analogue photography, and i absolutely love it! I still find it so exciting with developing the films and waiting to see how they've come out. However in the recently assigned projects i have been asked to experiment with colour negative film that is 35mm in the colour dark room at uni, i also have to experiment with medium format (120) colour film which i have been testing out on my Diana F+, and also large format film. I find printing from colour film even more fun than black & white, you have to print in complete darkness, and get the levels of magenta and yellow correct after numerous test strips to get the correct levels.
It ends up taking a fair few hours to get one decent print from the colour dark room, but it's definitely worth it!

Digital Photography
We have also been assigned to use digital photography partially in our projects, which i've obviously studied before, i enjoy using digital for the still life assignment as it's easy to connect to the studio flashes. In digital photography i've learnt how to fully set up a professional studio, with different lighting (such as Tungsten Red Head studio lamps) with different flash heads such as beauty dishes and soft boxes. I've also learnt more on Photoshop, like how to edit and print a very high quality image at a high quality standard on PhotoSpeed paper (matte, lustre, glossy, etc.) on epson printers.

More Toning - Duotone, & Ilford Art 300 Paper - Hand Tinting
I've also experimented with toning again, such as sepia, copper red, blue etc. and duo toning with two different colours of toner on b&w prints as well. I also tried out printing on Ilford Art 300 paper in the dark room which has the feel of watercolour paper, so you can paint on a print afterwards and hand tint it. The paper had a really nice texture and i wish i could of used more of it but unfortunately it was quite expensive compared to the average Ilford glossy that i currently buy for the b&w dark room.

Recent photos taken on a car journey:

 tested out the cheesy 'effects' bit on my Nikon D5100, to try out selective colour on these signs

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