Friday, 25 January 2013

my favourite clothing items for spring - skirts/shorts

So recently i've been shopping for summer & spring in the sales (the best time to shop) and i've found some really good bargains that will be great for the spring and summer season! Firstly I bought the light denim skater skirt from Monki a few months back for around £10, which i think will be perfect for the upcoming seasons as it's really light and will easily pair with any top! The next item i've got is a paisley patterned skirt, again kinda like a skater skirt, from Urban Outfitters for £15, it's also perfect due to it's light weight material, but also can be worn casually in the day or dressed up at night with some wedges and a lace top, i'll definitely be taking this with me when i go on holiday in July! I recently bought the studded shorts only yesterday in the New Look for a bargain of £5!! They're also a very staple piece and will go with any top, so they'll be great for spring and summer. The speckled pattern circle skirt i bought from New Look, unfortunately not on sale, but at the small price of £15 i thought why not! This, again, is another skirt that will go with anything, as it's not a crazy pattern it could in fact go with a patterned top as well, the key to finding the right shorts and skirts etc. is to pick the more simple ones as they'll match with many other tops, jumpers etc. which will be perfect when you're packing for a holiday to make as many different outfit combinations as possible!