Saturday, 1 December 2012

DIY your old denim shorts

I had a pair of dark wash denim shorts that i don't really wear that often as they were a it plain on their own. So i decided to customize them, as i always do to clothes i get bored with!! Firstly i studded around the seam of the front pockets, as it's an easy simple way to make an old pair of shorts interesting, then i boight some lace trim from a fabric shop and decided to sew on this lace around the hem of the shorts.

You will need - Lace, a sewing needle, blue thread and some scissors.

Firstly, pin the lace to the bottom of the shorts all the way round.

Then sew all the way round small-ish stitches, until finished.

And there you go!! The shorts are complete, i absolutely love how the lace makes them a bit more feminine whilst the studs make it a bit more 'edgy'.

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