Friday, 30 November 2012

clothing christmas wishlist (topshop prices are ridiculous!)

Here are a few clothing items that i wouldn't mind finding in my christmas stocking this year! 

Firstly i took a look on the topshop website as the clothes at topshop have got a lot nicer recently, considering i've never really LOVED topshop, i'm actually really liking some of the 'new items' that have been put up on the online store.
1. Applique Shirt - Well you know me, i love shirts, pretty much half my wardrobe space is taken up with different blouses and shirts (mainly from charity shops) and i have to say i really like this one from topshop! I love the little beading and stitched detail, as it makes this plain black shirt more interesting! It would look great with a high waist pastel pink pleated skirt or even just dressed down with some jeans would look lovely too. 
2. Floral Camo Lantern Skirt - So i don't really get the 'camo' side to this skirt, to me it looks more like a floral mirror printed skirt that anything else. But i really love the colours in the skirt and the shape looks really nice too! It would go well with the applique shirt too, but for £48 i don't think i'll be buying it anytime soon! 
3. Peal Embroidered Sweater - I think this is my favourite out of all the things i picked off of the website, i just love the pattern and the dark grey colour of it, the detailing is what also makes it such a nice jumper. Pair this with a blouse/shirt or even on it's own with a vest underneath would look amazing.

After looking back at the items and the prices, i have remembered why i've never really loved topshop that much, and it's the fact that it's so overpriced!!! All of the items above were over £40 which i think is a bit ridiculous. I love Urban Outfitters, which is also a bit pricey, but all the stuff in UO is really good quality and most of the stuff i get in UO is from the sale section anyway. I won't rant anymore about it, but i think Urban Outfitters is more worth the price, and at least they have a sale section, which is always filled with nice clothes in various sizes!

Urban Outfitters Casio Watch

After that rant about pricing between Topshop and UO i thought i'd include this beautiful casio watch, which i absolutely love! I bought a watch about a year and a half ago from Urban Outfitters and it still works, so from first hand they are definitely worth the money and this one is casio anyway which is a very good brand of watch for a reasonable price. This watch costs £25 which i think is an amazing price, when i first glanced at it on the website i thought it said it was £45!! I love the minimal face of the watch and the faux croc strap is just beautiful!

Anthropologie Harmonious Hues Playsuit

So after listing off more 'high street' shops, i thought i'd go a bit crazy and list a more higher end clothing item, and at £128 this is a very expensive (to me) piece of clothing. However it is the most stunning piece of lace clothing i have ever seen! I adore the shape of it, the design of the lace, the pinky shade of material under the lace, it's just wonderful! 

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