Tuesday, 27 November 2012

life update

I thought i'd do a quick 'life update' blog post, featuring photos from the past week-ish from instagram (helloevee) i admit i don't take a million photos every day so there's not much!

Me and Elliott went to Baserment's last show in Camden last weekend and it was absolutely incredible, one of the best nights ever! Elliott also bought me this colour me in kindness top with a cat on it which i'm not getting till Christmas.
Been wearing my new balance a lot recently as they're just so comfy and go well with jeans and the new jacket i got.
Also been wearing my hair half up/half down a lot and backcombing it slightly to give it more volume then spraying it with dry shampoo which seems to be working nicely. I also keep stealing Elliott's timberland coat as it's really warm and also looks nice, one of the many benefits of living with your boyfriend is being able to steal his clothes any time you want!
Clyde in his cute little pet cave.
Been toning down the eyeliner these past few days, just to make it a bit simpler but also give my eyes a little more than just eyeshadow and mascara.
oh my god, me and Elliott went to see Breaking Dawn part 2 last week, and let me tell you, it was the best twilight ever and definitely lived up to how great the book was with a few hidden twists too!!
Loved every minute of it and i'm really wanting to see it again, it's even tempting me to read them all over again. 

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