Monday, 10 September 2012


So today was pretty good! Finished off packing up all my stuff for moving day tomorrow and lazed around for most of the day, besides the end where my nan & granddad took me out to buy me the Nikon D5100!!! Literally so happy with it, i've been wanting and needing a DSLR for about 2 years and to finally have one just feels great, it'll really help with the photography degree as well!!
I'm pretty excited to start using it for not only every day use but for my photography and filming! 
Anyway so here's what I wore today, pretty simple just a shirt with jeans and vintage brogues.

1. Floral shirt - charity shop
2.  Chain necklace - charity shop
3. Belt - beyond retro
4. Purple watch - urban outfitters

So i absolutely adore this camera, it's just so good!! The quality is great and I especially love the flippy screen!! Which makes it helpful when taking self portraits or filming or taking photographs from extreme angles. The effects part of the camera is okay but i haven't really got to grips with it yet, i would like to work out how to do the selective colour effect though! 
Also I do have two tripods which shall hopefully get some use soon, I just couldn't be bothered to set them up for this post but i'll definitely be using them soon!

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