Tuesday, 4 September 2012

autumn trends i will be sporting

So autumn is coming up, and one of my favorite things to do when the colder months come along is to layer different items such as shirts with collars and thick cardigans or sweaters, to not only keep me warmer but also to show the different prints and textures. Recently I have been browsing through the Urban Outfitters online website to look at what's 'new in' and to see what kind of trends and styles I would like to wear this autumn.

1. Thick knitted, patterned cardigans. So this is a piece that has been around for a few years now, and i think it's here to stay for quite a few more, with 60's and 70's style patterns dominating the whole cardigan it really is a center piece for any outfit. 
2. Lace/crochet dresses. This is also, like the cardigan (and like floral prints in the spring) is a style of dress that can be transitioned well into any season by pairing the right accessories and an obvious need for tights in the autumn and winter, due to the versatility of this dress it has become a main staple for any wardrobe. 
3. Cuffing jeans at the ankle. With wearing jeans for autumn, i think what gives them more of an 'edge' and to make your legs appear thinner by showing off your ankle (the smallest part of your leg)  it will accentuate your legs. Especially making appear longer by wearing a pair of high waisted jeans and pairing them with flatforms, to make you a few inches taller.
4. Thick knitted jumpers. Definitely a must for autumn, every year i'm constantly piling on the jumpers because i get so easily cold. I would layer this over a collared shirt/blouse to give it more structure (and also to keep me warmer). 
5. Patterned shirts and blouses. They obviously spice up and outfit and would be the center piece for any outfit too. I'd pair this shirt or any other patterned shirt with plain jeans/trousers to allow the shirt to be the main focus, pair that also with a plain cardigan and minimal accessories.
6. The maxi skirt. Another must for any wardrobe, you could wear this skirt any season, in the summer typically you would wear no tights and pair with sandals. But the maxi skirt can also be worn in the autumn and winter months, by layering underneath thick tights or even leggings to keep you warmer, and add a thick jumper (tie into a nineties knot) or cardigan to cover your arms when it gets to late autumn.

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