Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Haul: Topshop, NARS, ASOS, New Look.

Dr Martens Heeled Chelsea Boots // ASOS £110

I got paid for all the crazy amount of extra hours i've been doing at work last week, so I splurged a bit on a few items, with one of them being a pair of docs! I've been wanting a pair for quite a few years now, and I've also been wanting a nice pair of chelsea boots as well, so I put two and two together and bought these! I think they're the perfect shoes for Autumn and Winter, I can imagine i'll probably be wearing them almost every day as they'll match with pretty much anything. As for comfort they're god damn comfortable! Most people say that docs are hard to break in but i've had no problem so far, they're really comfy, look great and will probably last for years, yay!

NARS Blush in 'Dolce Vita' // ASOS £21.50

I've been wanting to try something from NARS for quite a while but just never had the money to spend over £20 on a blush, but I thought why not with the 20% student discount I got off ASOS which kinda made my mind up for me! The blush is a beautiful deep rose shade that's matte (which I prefer when it comes to blushes) and will be perfect for pretty much any season and matches really nicely with my ghostly complexion. It blends really well and you can apply it lightly for a soft natural blush or build it up to be slightly more dramatic, but you only need to tap the brush lightly into the pan which is great!

Tan Satchel // Topshop £34

I needed to get a new bag for university as I start back in a few weeks and I need something of a decent size and of decent quality. I thought Topshop bags might be fairly good and I'll only be carrying around at the most my macbook, a notebook, lunch and purse etc. as I carry around my sketchbooks in bigger bag as they get very heavy! It's the perfect size for uni and will hopefully last me through the year nicely!

Boyfriend Style Winter Coat // Topshop £58

Again as with all the other things, i've been on the lookout for a new winter coat for the season ahead and I loved the look of the boyfriend style coat and saw that Topshop had a few in stock. This one has cute little poppers on the front which make it easy to do up with no fiddling around with buttons or toggles, I also love the small lapels on the coat which I think completes the coat, I can just see myself putting a broach on it! I bought it in a size 8 so it didn't come up so oversized on me, and it's the perfect size, definitely if you're thinking about getting a 'boyfriend style' coat this season get it in the size down that you would normally go for in coats, unless you're going for the oversized look then go you!

Paisley A-line Skirt // New Look £19.99

Ah I do love this skirt! It's a beautiful pattern that I think would look sweet with a plain white t-shirt, thick tights, my new docs and accented with silver jewellery. I'll probably now wear this skirt a lot over the next few weeks and end up getting sick of it (I won't).

This isn't really a part of the 'haul' but I thought i'd mention it, we got a new pooch!!!! She's a chihuahua crossed with a Jack Russell and she's the cutest thing ever! We've only had her a day and she's already snuggling up to my leg on the sofa whilst I type this now, we've taken her on a few walks and she's a bit timid when we take her out but she's just getting used to the area and being around us aw!

*thinking about life*


  1. Oh god, I am IN LOVE with the Dr Marten Chelsea Boots - never needed a pair of boots so badly in my life!! xx

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    1. omg i know!! They're gorgeous aren't they! :) I'm really happy that I ended up buying them :) xx

  2. WOW! I really love satchel and your coat! Great buys here! And what a cute little doggy! xx

    1. aw thank you!! :) I love them both too, and I thought they were fairly affordable for topshop! xx

  3. Hey!
    I consider buying the Doc chelsea boots, but I can't seem to find any pictures of them worn! Would you mind sending me pictures of you wearing them? Or post them on your blog? (This might sound creepy, but I swear I'm not a psychopath with a foot fetish ;) I just want to see if they look feminine despite the thick sole.)

    Btw, I really like your blog!