Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Recent Beauty Buys! // Including Rimmel & Urban Decay //

1. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 'Rosetto 08' - I've always wanted to try out one of the lipsticks in Kate Moss collection by Rimmel, so i finally bought one! I wanted to buy a dark red, but knowing me i thought it would be a bad idea considering i rarely wear the red lipsticks i already have, so i voted on buying a peachy-mauve wearable shade. I love it so much, it's such a great colour for every day wear, but also good for layering over other lipsticks for example i've been layering it with my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Crush' which gives it a more dark pinky look.

2. Apocalips Lip Laquer in 'Galaxy' - Everyone seems to be buying this new Rimmel product particularly in this shade recently and i get why! It's a beautiful mauve-purple which is brilliant for every day wear, and goes smoothly on the lips without the sticky texture you sometimes get with lip gloss products. Now normally i am not a fan at all of lip gloss, but this doesn't really count as one as it's more of a 'liquid lipstick' as it drys fairly matte but i tend to blot my lips after applying it.

3. Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner - Fairly simple black eyeliner, the nib gives me the perfect control and i get my eyeliner done perfectly every day using this. It's very black and isn't a thin liquid, so you don't get that annoying thinness of the eyeliner when you apply it to your eyes.

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion in 'Sin' - I'VE FINALLY BOUGHT IT! I've been wanting to buy the Urban Decay Primer Potion for so so long, way over a year, and i had just never got round to buying it, but when i saw it on eBay for a lot cheaper than at the Urban Decay stand i finally bought it! I love it! It's a beautiful champagne shade - similar to 'sin' from the Naked palette, and it really does keep my eye shadows on all day and prevents them from creasing. Definitely a must have!


  1. i bought one of the kate moss lipsticks too, in an attempt to start wearing lipstick... still not used it ahaha xoxo

    1. haha yeah they're great :) i suppose you just have to get into the habit of wearing it, i wear at least something on my lips every day, but it kind of varies as to what i wear :) the majority of the time i wear a lip tint as they're easier and less messy ahah