Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Day & What i managed to find at Boxing Day sales!

Christmas Day was great! We did what we do every year and woke up early at about 7 in the morning, went into my mum and stepdads room and opened what we had got in our stockings from Father Christmas, basically a lot of chocolate and some nice shampoo and conditioner, which i haven been scoffing these past few days. Then after stockings are finished with we all have get ready into our 'Christmas Day outfits', and by the time everyone is ready we're allowed to go downstairs and open the presents under the tree! I got some lovely stuff, my younger sister got me a beautiful body shop eyeshadow palette which i have been using and it's lovely! I shall do a review on it soon! My twin got me a hilarious mug coaster, a cute mirror compact and a beautiful dress from urban outfitters. And finally the big present of the day...A KINDLE FIRE HD! I've been wanting one since i saw the advert a few months ago, and i absolutely love it, it's just so good, i can read on it, play games/apps on it, use the internet etc. it's basically like a tablet. This present was from a lot of my family, and also Elliott was in on it too, he actually suggested it! 

 Anyway, after present giving we all bundle into cars and make our way to my step-nans flat near the center of town and we have breakfast there, we have delicious scrambled duck eggs with smoked salmon, and as an extra, croissants and bucks fizz! We spent a few hours there, and eventually drove over to my nan and granddads house where we spend the rest Christmas day with them, my uncle and cousins and also my great uncle. Christmas dinner was so yummy, my favorite part is the stuffing and cheesy leeks, and surprisingly i didn't feel bloated afterwards! We spent the rest of the day, playing family games like ring on a string and old maid which always turns out to be hilarious, and watching Christmas TV. It was such a good Christmas just like every year is.
I spent Boxing Day with my dad, where we had a lovely meal and pudding, played a new version of the game of life, which turned out to be very confusing, and went ice skating at the pavilion! However when we went ice skating it poured down with rain! Which made it very cold and slippery but also hilarious at the same time, but luckily i didn't fall over.

Yesterday me, Holly and Martha all went into town to spend some Christmas money we had been given as we wanted to spend it in the glorious sales! I ended up getting some really nice bits, a hat and dress from urban outfitters, a coat from primark and a skirt from new look. All in all a great day!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and found some bargains in the sales!

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