Saturday, 3 November 2012

New shoes

I just visited my family in Brighton for the past few days as it was reading week for uni yay! And I did a little shopping with my sister while I was there, I managed to buy a few Christmas presents for people (I know it's a bit early!) and I also bought some new shoes from Office on sale.
As you may or may not know my beautiful vintage creepers are a bit ruined with cracks in both of the bottoms of each shoe, so I was looking into getting them reheeled but found out it would cost me £26 and there would be a risk of my shoes being ruined even more! So I decided I'd put that money towards a new pair of creeper style shoes to replace them and I came across this lovely pair in Office for £20!!!

I absolutely love them! They're a lot less 'clumpy' looking as they're a lot more slim fit and more feminine than my previous ones, so they'll go with pretty much anything.
They're very comfortable and easy to walk in, and they are a great replacement for my previous ones! 

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