Thursday, 1 November 2012

magazine freebies

The other day i finally decided to buy the new Marie Claire magazine that has Taylor Swift on the front cover  (which kind persuaded me to get it) and it came with two free items as well, which i thought i'd try out and do a mini review of them.

So firstly i got this Dove hair therapy express treatment conditioner, which i've tried out on my hair after using shampoo, and it kind of works but mostly drys out the ends of my hair and doesn't really 'condition' the ends at all. So to use it up i'm going to just focus it on the roots and top of my hair as that area doesn't really need to be conditioned as much, and then use my usual conditioner on the middle and ends of my hair.

The other free item was this l'occitane hand cream which i absolutely love! It really moisturises my hands well  as i get really dry hands in the winter, so i like to use it when i'm on the train back from university. It also smells of shea butter which is another great thing about this product.

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