Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Here is my little baby! My MAC eyeshadow palette! All the shadows were hand picked by myself after a lot of research and a lot of money being handed over to MAC at the same time. I admit some of them look similar in shades but when you swatch it they look different. I love each eyeshadow and use them all fairly equally. The only one I haven't got any use out of yet has been 'Antiqued' as I only got it on Sunday and since then haven't tested it out! 

Most of the eyeshadows are warm toned as I prefer them and use them more than cool toned neutral eyeshadows. However I do have 'Satin Taupe' which I love using paired with 'Naked Lunch'.
Overall I feel like MAC eyeshadows are overpriced but I personally feel they are worth the money, especially for a aspiring makeup artist (which I kind of am) as they last for such a long time and are a really nice quality.


  1. Oh Eve, it's gorgeous! You have such a lovely selection, and I think it's a good thing that they're all similarish, as they'll all get used!
    I love the look of Naked Lunch and Woodwinked!
    I got a Mac duo eyeshadow for christmas, and it's so lovely, I'm really tempted to try out some more, and maybe go down the same route as you! I think I might start with the X4 palette :)
    Thanks for such a lovely post! :)

    1. Ah yes you're right! :) yeah you really should, the quality is amazing!
      I started with quads as well, and then moved on to moving them to the 15 palette and went from there :)

  2. 'Embark' looks a really lovely colour! I might have to invest, so jealous of you having a full mac palette!


  3. Wahh you've got such a beautiful palette there! I personally prefer the warm tones too as i'm so pale :( I think my favourites here are "tempting" and "all that glitters" xx