Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Holiday to Tunisia!

This is over a month late now, as i popped across the globe to the lovely hot place called Tunisia! I had an amazing time, and still have the 'holiday blues' even now. It was an 11 day trip and the hotel was absolutely fabulous, with a massive main pool with a bar in the middle on an island and loads of food to choose from in the buffets! May i add the pancakes that were served in the morning and in the afternoon were brilliant, plus the morning croissants which i couldn't help but eat every morning, oops!
The animation team at the hotel were great and always had activities for our group to do, such as water polo, salsa dancing, zumba, water gym and plenty more, it really helped the days go by when you weren't reading or eating copious amounts of pistachio flavoured ice cream. Outside the hotel was okay, a bit deserted but i suppose thats what you get in a still developing country, there were a lot of naggy men trying to get you to buy stuff from their stalls but you got used to it. Overall it was a great holiday and i really miss it still! But i'm sure we'll all be going back in the next few years, as it really was lovely. Next year me and Elliott have planned to go away on our own though, so we're thinking about going to Amsterdam for a short break which shall be nice!
Anyway i shall now leave you with a few holiday snaps:

 Martha (sis), Lucy, Arch (bro), Holly (twin), Ali, Elliott 

Me and Elliott on some really bad pirate ship

Me and Holly on the beach

Me and Elliott in the main restaurant

The whole holiday gang, a mix of family and family friends.

Thanks xx


  1. Tunisia is definitely one of my favourite holiday destinations. I've always gone all inclusive so never really explored but it looks so nice and you always find a cat on the way, haha! x


    1. ah yes it's lovely! We went all inclusive as well as we were in such a big group so it made it cheaper :) me and some of the group just explored outside the hotel a few times as we really enjoyed getting more involved with the culture :) x