Friday, 23 November 2012

my exercise routine

So recently i've started up doing regular exercise, as i've been feeling pretty motivated to tone my stomach and feel a bit more healthier! I tried out the 30 day shred in July and continued it up until the end of August, so basically for 2 months (i was going on holiday in August) and i really saw the difference it made. Unfortunately i kinda slacked after i got back from sunny Greece, after eating a lot of pizza and pancakes, and didn't do much in the way of exercise for a few months, up until the start of November where i thought it was about time i got back into exercise as i do really enjoy it.
I started out by doing a 10 minute full body workout (without weights)
which was a good starting point to start up my exercise routine again.
Then after a few days i introduced my own personal ab workout along with the 10 min full body workout as well, to help tone my stomach. This included:
1 minute of cycle crunches
1 minute of sit ups
1 minute of the plank
1 minute of side sit ups

This helped me introduce a tad more work on my abs, even though there were a few moves in the 10 minute workout which helped tone slightly. I continued this routine for about 2 weeks which really helped me get my exercise routine back on track, and i'm feeling a lot more fit and healthy afterwards.
Now i'm getting back into the 30 day shred once again! I've started again with level 1, which i'm finding a lot more easier than i found when beginning it in July, the previous workout must of had an effect to find level 1 of the shred easy! 

My diet is pretty much normal, average meals, i'm not following any diet plan other than tracking what i'm eating on the myfitnesspal app so i don't over eat or eat anything i shouldn't really be eating.
My main calorie goal for every day is just over 1,500 calories, which i've been managing to keep under the goal. I've also been trying to drink more water, especially when i feel the want to snack, so it kinda stops me from wanting to snack in-between meals.

Overall i am very happy with how my exercise routine is planning out, and i'm feeling more fitter and healthier every day!

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