Sunday, 16 September 2012

TAG: why do you wear makeup?

Thought i'd do a tag post as i haven't done one for a while (i think my last one was the how much is your face worth tag) and i thought i'd do this 'why do you wear makeup tag' which I've seen many you-tubers tackle recently. Here goes!

1. When did you begin wearing makeup?
I began wearing makeup i think when i was around year 8 in school, so i was 12 or 13 when i started wearing makeup, but even then i only wore mascara and liquid eyeliner. God, i was terrible at drawing on liquid eyeliner when i first started! It was so thick!! I started wearing more makeup as i went on through year 9, so age 13-14, I only really wore concealer, mascara and eyeliner and a kinda experimented with blush then as well but not that much. Then in year 10, age 14-15, that's when i went through the whole 'dream matte mousse' phase which really dried out my skin and went all crumbly, it was very bad! I also started to wear neutral eye shadows then, and the occasional 'smokey eye' but overall i didn't really get into the whole makeup thing until i started college, as that's when i could really experiment more due to non-uniform etc.
2. How do you feel without makeup?
I feel okay, but i don't think i could go out with absolutely nothing on my face, that's quite sad really? I think the least i could wear makeup wise would be concealer, a wash of eye shadow on the lids, mascara, a bit of blush and a lip tint. Which is okay really, my skin isn't that terrible i just get a bit oily, a few blemishes and redness on the chin. I can go a day not wearing makeup, i just have to be inside all day.
3. What do you like about makeup?
I like how experimental it is, you can literally do anything with makeup. Like you can make it as simple or as crazy as you want! I personally like how you accentuate a persons natural beauty and make your favorite parts about yourself stand out more. For me i like to always have eye makeup on as my favorite feature is my eyes.
4. Your 3 holy grail items.
Foundation. An obvious one as I can just wear my Revlon CS and be good to go, as in some cases i don't really need a concealer or powder after as it doesn't have much of a dewy look as other foundations do. Mascara. Another obvious one, it just makes your eyes stand out a bit more, i feel it's definitely more of an essential item rather than eye shadow. Lip and Cheek stain. Basically a stain that can be used both on your lips and cheeks to give yourself a bit of a natural flush and a nice colour on the lips.

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