Monday, 17 September 2012

My lazy-day eye makeup

There are a lot of days where i can't really be bothered with my eye makeup as it's the part of my makeup routine that takes the longest, especially when wearing eyeliner. I start by applying foundation, concealer, powder and blush as usual and then continue with my eye makeup.

Obviously i use my Naked palette, it's all i seem to use these days, it just has every colour i could ever need as i don't really use much colour when it comes to eye shadow.
I firstly take 'Buck' and put that all over the lid with my Real Techniques base shadow brush, then i apply 'Smog' with the same brush. Next i blend out the annoying line you get from eye shadow and then i re-apply 'Smog' with a crease brush and put it on the lower lash line as well.
Finally i just apply two coats of my Rimmel 'Sexy Curves' mascara on the top lashes and the bottom.

And here is the result!!!


  1. Was thinking about getting the Naked Palette, so tempting now!

    1. yess you must!! it's the best palette ever! :) you can get it on ebay for quite cheap aswell!!!

    2. Think I'll go for Naked2 the colours are all so gorgeous :)