Friday, 21 September 2012

My favourite lip products

I thought i'd share my few favourite lip combinations, i do like to wear some lipsticks as they are, but mostly i like to layer lipsticks and liptints to create the nicest shade possible. Here are a few of my favourite combos and lip products, some are on there own too.

Pretty in Pink 

My first favourite lip look is a layer of liptint (Maxfactor lipfinity 03) and a mauve lipstick (Maxfactor lipstick in Rosewood) and it really creates a pretty pink lip look. This is a everyday kinda look, which i wear the most out of all of my lip looks.


I like to line my lips with this no7 precision lip pencil in '16 Amber' and then layer over the top my no7 moisture drench lipstick in 'Pink Crush' to create this kinda orange-red lip that will be perfect for the autumn!

Red Raspberry 

Another lip look i love is a red lip, i apply this E.L.F lipstick in 'Posh' lightly on the lips so that it's not so heavy but occasionally i will apply it thickly to create a deep red lip.


Finally, i love peachy coloured lips as well and i especially love this E.L.F lip tint i bought about a year ago, and i wore a lot of last winter as it was so easy to apply and re-apply throughout the day. I love the matte finish it gives after it's set. I will definitely be purchasing another one at some point!!

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