Tuesday, 18 September 2012

london fashion week - my favourites

Unfortunately i didn't get to go to London fashion week, but i wish i got tickets!!! I've looked at the collections of a few designers on the Vogue website, and also on Elle, and i absolutely love what some of the looks the designers have created, i would wear them!
Here are the few i adored and would of loved to see them live on the runway.

Louise Armstrup 

I selected the few favourites of mine from her collection and i absolutely love the ombre material/pattern that is used on the first three outfits, it looks stunning on the dress which may i add i would love to wear! I also adore the tailored blouse on the second outfit which i think works wonders with the shorts. Finally the dress on the far right is beautiful, i love the pattern and the 1950's style is really a style i've been seeing a lot of whilst looking at other collections at London fashion week, which is an obvious favourite of mine.

Richard Nicoll 

Another selected few that i liked, which all have the same pattern but i absolutely love the kinda tie-dye marble-ish pattern the designer has used it really works well in all the pieces, the favourite of mine being the jumper and skirt combo and the dress on the far right. Just goes to show that bright colours and patterns are here to stay for next spring and summer!

Babara Tfank

Wow. This collection has got to be my favourite of them all, the style, the material used, the shape, it's just all perfect. I love the 1950's cut silhouette overall but this collection just shows it perfectly, the necklines on all of the dresses are stunning, pair that with the fullness of the skirt and you've got the perfect 1950's style dress. I've looked at Babara's previous designs and the vintage theme and style is just fantastic for next spring and summer! I can imagine wearing one of those dresses sitting outside for afternoon tea. Definitely my favourite. 

Teatum Jones

I love the styles of these outfits, the pastel colours look beautiful and obviously very fitting for summer and spring, they work well with the waist belt on the two dresses as well. I really like the blue 'biker-ish' (not sure if it's leather) jacket on the outfit with the skirt and mauve-pink top, i think it styles really well too. Not really my favourite collection out of all the ones i picked out but i definitely do love the outfits from Teatum Jones!

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