Monday, 24 September 2012

how i style camo

So i bought this camo jacket in August after wanting a kind of 'different' looking one than the ones being sold on ebay etc. and i found this lovely bomber-style jacket at a car boot for £2!!! I thought it was perfect and definitely fits in with the whole military trend that's around this Autumn and has been for many previous.
Here is how i styled them when i'm wearing either jeans, a skirt or shorts.

1. Camo jacket - carboot, Sheer shirt - charity shop, Jeans - h&m, Vintage brooch - gift.
This is my more casual look that would be great for a day at university or college as it's just so comfy and the sheer shirt is adds a slight bit of detail without wearing a patterned shirt instead. I would pair this outfit with my creepers to give me height, as the jeans are not high-waisted. 

2. Camo jacket - carboot, Polka dot sweater - charity shop, Purple shorts - charity shop, Spotty tights - primark.
I think that the purple of the shorts matches perfectly with the green and brown colours in the jacket, and combine that with the polka dot sweater not only adds more warmth but adds more texture to the outfit. This layering of textures is always around each time Autumn appears every year, and just subtly layering different patterns and textures it's an easy way to sport the trend. I also mirrored the polka dots on the jumper in the tights i'm wearing to complete the outfits overall appearance.

3. Camo jacket - car boot, Cat sweater - ebay, pink pleated skirt - charity shop
I thought the grey and pink worked really well together and made the outfit a lot more feminine with the masculine twist in the camo jacket. I think the contrast colouring of the light pastel pink and the dark greens and browns really emphasize the outfits different qualities.